Sunday, June 17, 2007

Redesigned Pilot

The Virginian-Pilot, famed for its design and presentation chutzpah, has launched an overhaul that deeply affects both content and look. The video at left is interactive. Denis Finley, editor, explains the thinking behind the work. Pop-up pages offer a closer look at the section fronts. There are links to a FAQ and an article by lead designer Deborah Withey. shows before and after fronts *and* inside pages and offers commentary. (One of the most interesting aspects of this redesign is that the inside pages were revamped to reflect newer technology.) If you're interested in seeing what the previous major redesign looked like when launched in 1993, check out Alan Jacobson's Brass Tacks explanation.

I posted one of the new fronts. Do you love that crab hed or what? (Click on the image to see it larger.)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

AP Stylebook updates

New entries include: African Union; airstrike; BlackBerry; Boogie; carry-on; Chennai; farmers market; female; GPS; headlines; hip-hop; homebuyer, homeowner; intefadah; Islamic holy days; Katmandu; mentally retarded; merger (Business); Mumbai; Swift boat.

Changes and updates include: Baha’i; datelines (Baghdad); daylight saving time; editor-in-chief; European Union; Fatah; Mexico; planets; plurals (Broadcast); RSVP; telephone numbers; U.S. time zones map; track and field (Sports); volleyball (Sports); headlines (Filing the Wire); Hold for Release slugs (Filing the Wire).Deletions: husband, widower; Internet Search Tips; Laundromat; pupil, student; Serbia-Montenegro; U.S. Court of Military Appeals; Woman’s Christian Temperance Union.